Seven Things to Do Before Hiring a Salesforce Consultant

One of the things every business owner should care about is how to strengthen their business-customer relationship. This is essential as it is critical to brand loyalty and also affects the level of your success. With the level of competition in today’s business world, getting the loyalty of customers can be a challenging job. 

Since a lot of business is offering your services, customers will readily choose the readily available one. This makes it essential for many businesses to hire a salesforce consultant to help with solutions that will positively affect the parties involved. 

Hiring a salesforce is good as it can get rid of several unnecessary aspects of your business to streamline the sales process. It is a terrific option to boost your business as long as you allocate the necessary resources to serve your business. 

Here are essential things a business needs to do before hiring a salesforce consultant:

Are they passionate about it?

Salesforce is an evolving concept and what sets the best salesforce consultants from the other is constant effort to develop themselves. This involves seeking new ways to help your business and keeping up with the latest technology to help your business. 

It is not only about getting a degree in Salesforce administration alone. One needs to consider their experience with the needs of the company alongside their passion for the job. Make sure to center your choice on a continuously trying team to grow their skill and engage with other salesforce communities. 

Check for Soft Skills

The ability to relate with people is pretty essential for every Salesforce consultant. They are part of your technical support team which means working well with others. With excellent soft skills, your consultant will understand other employees’ needs and direct them to work better. 

If the adoption rate is low, a salesforce is useless to your team. If the adoption is lagging, the consultant will get the workers on track to employ salesforce for daily tasks. This involves having someone patient and insightful enough to encourage the workers to get familiar with the platform.

Request Sample Automated Workflows

One of the ideas behind Salesforce is to make it easy to run a business. Human error significantly reduces when tasks are automated, which also increases productivity. With a comprehensive automated workflow that removes various manual tasks from your team, you will have Salesforce at its best. 

It is one thing to set up automation and another thing to know tasks that need improvements. With good salesforce personnel, you will easily see where automation will benefit your business. Not only that, you can have automated reporting that will make you see how your business is faring. A good salesforce consultant’s job is to let you know what to automate if you do not know. 

Constant Support

When it comes to salesforce, project delivery is not the most essential but after-sales service. As a result, make sure you are on the same page with the consultant on the support they will render to your business even after project delivery. 

You need a consulting partner with a keen interest in after-sales updates and providing the necessary support for your team. With this, your business gets everything it needs to stay ahead of the competition. 


One needs to prioritize working with a Salesforce partner that is in the same vicinity with the business. This comes with a series of advantages as the partner can monitor and be readily available for your team, and it also gets rid of the time zone’s headache. 

Physical communication at times can help ensure that all parties are involved and on the same page. You can easily reach out to them if they need to be onsite for any project. 


The salary for a Salesforce consultant can run into alarming figures if one is not careful. In the US, for instance, the average hourly wage revolves around $50, which could run to around $100,587 per year. 

Even if you think this is within your budget, the salary will likely increase when you consider ongoing support. This makes it essential to make sure that you understand the price implication of the work arrangement, whether hourly or per project. 

Check for any extra charges outside the hourly rate specified, like charges for initial meetings, onboarding fees, on-site meetings, etc. 

Check the Expertise

Your aim should not be to hire an experienced Salesforce consultant; instead, you want an expert that is well-grounded and can handle your CRM project’s various aspects. 

A sales expert is essential as the consultant needs to work with the relevant department to automate the sales process. Their idea, insight, and expertise on the latest sales strategies will be beneficial.

You also need to be aware of their project management skill. This is because your CRM implementation will involve various applications that bring together multiple departments.

One also needs to check for at least one developer since it is essential to their effectiveness. 


No matter how stressful you think it is to search for the right salesforce partner, the effort is worth it. Even though it might be challenging to know your business’s best choice, these points will go a long way in guiding you towards the right path.

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