Empire Battle | Vedio Game Review

Battle Empire is a rule of play with figurines which covers the period of the revolutionary wars and the First Empire either between 1792 and 1815.
The scale of play is in the battalion or regiment with figurines from 6 mm to 28 mm. The rule adapts to all types of bases and it is even possible to play with different bases for each player.

Empire Battle
Empire Battle

The rules of the game were designed to be quick to play without sacrificing the realism of the period. It covers all the main aspects of the Napoleonic wars: formations, skirmishers, morale, the distinction between fire and shock, national characteristics, command, orders …

The colorful book contains all the rules you need to play. Numerous photos and explanatory diagrams enhance the reading. You will also find in the book the characteristics of all the nations engaged at the time as well as more than 130 lists of armies classified by period.

Battle Empire is planned as well to make historical scenarios (examples are given in the book) or to quickly play fictitious battles with armies made up from a budget.

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